Point Imperial

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Point Imperial

2683m high, Point Imperial is the highest viewpoint of the North Rim as well as the most northern one. Once known under the name of Skidoo Point, it was one of the most visited points, available by a road 17km northeast Bright Angel Point.

The visitors of Point Imperial can look east to the Colorado River junction and little Colorado and, farther, to Painted Desert at the Navajo Reservation. Marble Canyon and Mount Hayden are also visible, and visitors can see the red and black Precambrian rock layers that can only be seen here.

Point Imperial was popular back then with its various tourist guides leading wagon journeys in the trails. In 1927, the NPS started developing a new route to approach the rim, which included a 4.7-km side road from Cape Royal Road to Point Imperial.

The road was rebuilt in 1950, but over the old one to avoid other environmental damage. Crews also improved the point so that more visitors can park to admire the view.

Photo: Grand Canyon NPS