The Tale of Vieux-Terrebonne

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Tourisme des Moulins

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The Tale of Vieux-Terrebonne


Walk through the history of Vieux-Terrebonne with this tour allowing you to travel the historical streets of Vieux-Terrebonne with its 18 points of interest and 23 rally-style questions. Start the journey at one of the oldest house in Vieux-Terrebonne and let yourself be transported by the history, anecdotes and information that have shaped the face of today's Vieux-Terrebonne. Learn how the former Terrebonne developed through the well known names of the province, such as Seigneur Joseph Masson or Father Lepage.

Depending on the pace you want to adopt, this circuit takes between one and two hours. Note that to get the answer to each question, you simply have to click "Next."

Since the course is carried out in a small section of Vieux-Terrebonne, we suggest you zoom the map to facilitate your trip. Use your phone’s GPS to maximize accuracy. Note that an older version of your operating system (Android, iPhone) could prevent some media files from opening.

If you prefer to hear listen to the circuit, the text content is offered in spoken narration. Audio files have no additional content to than what is found in the texts.

If you’d rather read, you can simply click on "Next" during the audio files to skip to the next text.
The internet is not a requirement. You can preload the circuit in the mobile application.

Tourisme des Moulins

Tourisme des Moulins
Ville de Terrebonne
Société d’histoire de la Région de Terrebonne.
Claude Martel, géographe et historien
Collège Montmorency, département Tourisme

Annie Lavoie
Claude Martel
Tourisme des Moulins

Annie Lavoie
Claude Martel

André Berthiaume

André Berthiaume

Claude Martel
Tourisme des Moulins

Annie Lavoie

Photos were made accessible by the generosity of Tourisme des Moulins, the Société d’Histoire de la Région de Terrebonne, from Annie Lavoie and from Claude Martel.

« Un brin d’histoire » chronicles by Claude Martel, published by  La Revue de Terrebonne.
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Overview of map and points of interest

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  1.  1. Maison Bélisle

  2.  2. Terrebonne Church

  3.  3. Notre-Dame Couvent

  4.  4. The fire of December 1st, 1922

  5.  5. The City Hall

  6.  6. The Mille Îles River

  7.  7. Hotels and villas

  8.  8. The old Post Office

  9.  9. Saint-Pierre Street

  10.  10. The Terrebonnoscope

  11.  11. Maison Jacob Oldham

  12.  12. Saint-Louis-de-France Church

  13.  13. Maison Ernest-Séraphin Mathieu

  14.  14. Château Masson

  15.  15. The Masson Park

  16.  16. Maison Delorme-Bouc

  17.  17. The Memorial of the Braves

  18.  18. Île-des-Moulins

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