The Mena'sen (Abenaki word meaning Rock of the Solitary Pine) is a small island located in the middle of the Saint-François River, 350 meters away from the Saint-François bridge and Terrill Street.

This rock commemorates a man-to-man fight between an Abenaki and an Iroquois. It would have been an historical and symbolic confrontation organized by the Grand Chiefs of the two populations. That fight would have happened in 1692. The Abenaki warrior would have won, which would explain why this population was occupying the territory when the first white colonist arrived.

The Solitary Pine that decorated the rock disappeared. It would have been cut down by vandals in 1913.

In 1934, upon the fourth centenary of Jacques Cartier's date of arrival in Canada, a large metallic and luminous cross was installed there by the Sherbrooke diocese to commemorate Cartier's journey.