Bruce Robert Baldwin, born on May 24, 1842 in Barford, south of Dixville, was the great-grandson of Levi Baldwin. He was also brother to Ira Baldwin (1807-1885) and Susan Glover. During the 1850s he learned the trade of blacksmith. On December 29,1863 he married Arminella Humphrey and they had a daughter, Helen. In 1874 they moved to the village of Dixville, where they built their house at 315 chemin Parker. Bruce Baldwin plied his trade as village blacksmith for many years.

In 1887, Bruce Baldwin purchased J. Mayhew's general store, situated on chemin Parker, across the road where the municipal office is now. When he purchased the store, he renamed it Baldwin & Grady's. He managed the store until his retirement in 1923. The store carried hardware, ready-to-wear clothing, shoes and boots, fabrics and school supplies - besides which it comprised a smithy, a community phone booth, a post office and a service counter for the Eastern Townships Bank.

Besides managing this village general store, Mr. Baldwin held a number of local official posts. He was postmaster from January 1st, 1888 until December 13, 1916. He served four terms as mayor of Dixville and altogether served 20 years on the Dixville municipal council. In 1907, he was elected Warden of Stanstead County. As such he would have been head of the administration for all the municipalities in Stanstead County

As for his religious beliefs, one could say that he was very open and eclectic. At birth he was a Baptist. Later, he joined the Methodist Church. Finally he became a parishioner of St Cuthbert's Anglican Church. He died on January 2nd, 1925.

Source: Susan Beaton (2012). The authoress is a descendant of Bruce Robert Baldwin. She is at present working on the editing and publishing of the first comprehensive history of Dixville.