Estelle Bureau's family came to Compton from Beauceville, where she was born in 1922. Estelle was a pupil in Compton-Station and subsequently in Compton Village itself. In 1925, at the age of 25, she graduated as a nurse and went to work at the Hôtel Dieu Hospital in Sherbrooke.

Estelle Bureau's professional life was marked by a proliferation of occupations and commitments. The post-office, one of four in the region at the time, was run by her family from their home in Compton Station, about a mile from the village. At 7 o'clock every morning, off would go Estelle carrying her empty courier's sack to meet the train and pick up the day's full one. Then the Bureau family would hitch up the horse and buggy for their share in the day's deliveries, over a route of some 16 miles.

Elected by acclamation to seat #5 in 1970, Estelle sat as a counselor for the Municipality of Compton village until 1978, when she decided not to run again. She was chairperson of the local credit union for many years.

Despite her heavy commitments, Estelle's recognition came first and foremost in her role as nurse. Nurse Bureau worked for the Cookshire Health Unit, where nominally she specialized in vaccinations. However, her job didn't just stop there. In effect, she was the village doctor. Anyone who felt poorly would not hesitate to call Nurse Bureau for help. She was always available for mid-wifely duties and home visits.

Nurse Bureau was always on the spot to fight the epidemics of the day, such as diphtheria and measles. From her office in the school she ran numerous vaccination campaigns throughout this wide-spread region - from Cookshire to St. Malo, St Venant and even as far as St. Isadore.

Source: Marthe Bureau, Estelle's sister and Hélène Bureau, her niece.