Daniel Way was born in Marlow, New Hampshire on August 12, 1794 and died n 1875 at the age of 81. He grew up in his home town where his father was a town councillor. There he me mt his future wife Keziah Jaquit and married her in February 1816. They had six children.

In 1820 they migrated to the Lower Canada in a village of the Stanstead county named at that time Marlow! That village was founded by close relations to the Way family in 1800. Daniel Way joined forces with one of his uncles, Silas Mack, to develop his business acumen especially in the grist mill and the sawmill field. Daniel Way built up a company of draping woollen fabrics where he had an instant success.

He owned in Stanstead 55 acres of land on which he had a house built and his draper shop. Daniel Way attached great importance to education. That's why, in 1826, he was one of the signatories to have a one-room schoolhouse. Ten years later, he obtained the funds required and helped building the new school. He also hired the female primary school teacher. Mister Way was Adventist, and that religion announced the end of the world in 1843! The same year, he settled in Barnston County where he acquired 50 acres. In 1849 he acquired the surrounding lands. He had a dam erected and he had a woollen mill built on Niger river. The Way family gave its name to the mill and then the hamlet was baptized Wayville, then Way's Mills.

In 1871, Daniel Way gave the company to his sons, but remained involved in the family business. He died in 1875. His grave is currently located in Way's Mills' Cemetery, open in 1820 on Jordan path, in the municipality of Barnston-Ouest.

Source: chronicles of Anne Leydet in Townships Heritage