Sister Saint-Louis de Gonzague was born in 1837. She was the first director of the convent of the sisters of the Presentation of Mary in Coaticook. She worked there from 1870 during the first four years of the convent and for a 11-year period, at the end of her life. Under her watch and with the collaboration of other nuns who came with her to Coaticook, the teaching is bilingual and boarders and day students are welcomed in the new buiding that soon had to be extended according to the original plans to welcome more students. The sisters also offered a teacher training to those who wished to practice this demanding job at the time considering the very hard socio-economic conditions of the population.

However, with the extensions, there were moments that were much harder; during the economic crisis, the convent almost had to be shut down. Indeed, if it hadn't been of the dues that the boarders had to pay and the numerous fundraisings organized by benefactors, there would have been no money entering the convent coffers which suffered from financial woes that priest Chartier went through in 1875.
Now, the convent has become a private college that welcomes boys and girls. It is now named the River College, in honour of the founder of the congregation.