Abott Chartier was born in 1832 and was ordered a priest in 1856. He was named priest of the St-Thomas-d'Aquin Church in Compton in 1863 and he was until 1868. Afterwards, he was the priest of the Coaticook parish where he did more than his liturgical mandate.

This original priest distinguished himself by his business expertise. In addition to establishing shops and companies in the village of Coaticook, he managed, between 1868 and 1877, to have a chapel built, which was soon extended since the expanding region kept bringing more parishers to the mass. He also had his chapel's presbytery built.

Back then, as opposed to the Protestants in the region, the Catholic children and for most of them Francophones of the municipality couldn't be educated. So the priest Chartier founded himself a Catholic school board to then build a school devoted to the instruction of childrens of the parish. The construction of the convent that welcomes the sisters of the Presentation of Mary was based on similar principles. Thanks to his efforts, the congregation settled in Coaticook in 1870. In addition to working hard for the education of people of the region, he then took a multitude of initatives that contributed to the economic development. Until the crisis of 1875 which appalled him, he was the owner of a sawmill and of several lands that he bought to populate the region.

Despite this financial collapse which almost led to the loss of the convent, the sisters as well as the population of Coaticook had an infinite gratefulness for the hard work of the renowned priest and for the development of the parish and the municipality. Coaticook chose to honour his name: the Chartier Park is today a place where people meet right next to the town hall.