Owned by Governor Alexandre Mouton in the 1800s, lot 197 was sold to his son Rufus Mouton, whose widow sold to Theodule Hébert Jr. in 1905. Mrs. Fanny Bendel, wife of Gustave Schmulens bought and sold part of the property to the Old Bank of Lafayette. This building at the corner in the Chicago style of architecture is the design of George Knapp with it Victorian circular dome and its Romanesque Richardson approach.

In 1910, part of the building became the property of Mr. Maurice Heymann, who used the back space for his dry goods, before moving the store across the street at 433 Jefferson. The Old Bank of Lafayette acquired that lot in 1919 when it expanded. The Great Depression of the 30’s gave the bank its fatal blow and around 1937 the Guaranty Bank and Trust -- which was just incorporated -- leased the premises.

The original shareholders of the Guaranty Bank were: Isidore Préjean, Xavier Mouton, Sidney Mouton, Alcee Guidry, Elmo Hodges, L.P. DeBlanc, T.L Evans, George Thomas and Mike Donlon, all prominent members of the community.