Chick Bidgood arrived in Chibougamau with his family at the age of four. His grandfather was a prospector in the Yukon and in northern Ontario in the 1930s. His father, Nelson, who came to Chibougamau to lead a team of mine drillers, would be supervising 15 mining companies owned by Randy Mills a few years later.

An eyewitness to Chibougamau’s mining era, Chick Bidgood rubbed shoulders with Larry Wilson, Joe “Chibougamau” and Scotty Stevenson, with whom he learned to fly. His guided tours contributed to making the public aware of Chibougamau’s history.

For years, Mr. Bidgood amassed a large number of documents and photographs he collected from the pioneers. The Bidgood collection is one of the showpieces of Chibougamau’s regional historical society, the Société d’Histoire régionale de Chibougamau.

Chibougamau’s first runway and first airport, built in the early 1950s, was named after Nelson Bidgood, Chick Bidgood’s father.