Protect and promote the culture remains a high priority for Ilnuatsh. The community is endowed with a Society of History ans Archeology as well as a museum. 

In 1977, the museum was founded in the old Oblate building. It will be there for six years and will welcome more than 20, 000 visitros per year, so the spaces will soon become too small. 

In 1983, the museum moved to its new buiding, built to the right of the old presbytery.The architecture is inspired by a tent for its volumtric. On the facade, there are motifs listed by the anthropologist Speck. They will be reproduced on various construction in the community.

Once again, it was enlarged in 1998. A shop, an agora, a reserve, a workshop and a temporary exhibition hall were added. In addition, a multipurpose room and office space are also added. The reference to tents is retained in the new structures. 

The museum is not only a place  of conservation and exhibition; it is also today a space of living culture, a gathering place on several levels.