In 1926, the dams built by the Duke-Price papermaker took office on the Grande and Petite Décharge rivers, which flow into the Saguenay at Alma. After a winter of abundant snow  and an extremely rainy spring, the level of Lac Saint-Jean reached nearly 24 feet in May 1928, flooding certain residences and farmland, affecting all the surronding municipalities. According to the information of the time,the water reached the main street which was then at a lower level than the current street. 

The promenade was built in 1966 after two years of work to prevent erosion from demaging the riverbanks and the main road that runs along it in several places.

Four tipi-shaped concrete structures illustrating the differnet seasons and aspects of the traditional life of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh were made of concrete and installed in 1988 following a consultation of the population. Artists and craftmen from the community contributed to the desing and construction of these structures. They are today a signal element frequently used to represent Mashteuiatsh.