Prior to 1900, postal mail, which was scanty, took a long time to reach its destination. At that time, the correspondence destined for the community was delivered to Roberval. 

The land agent then mandates a person from the community and pays him an annual salary of $25 to pick up the mail in the neighboring town once a week. 

In 1916, it was the wife  of the land agent who held the first post office in the community.

Beginning in the 1920s, Mrs. Mary Robertson Kurtness, became postmaster; her office is installed in her house in front of the promenade. Mrs Mary Robertson Robertson, replaced her in 1927. In 1952, the post office moved to the home of Mrs. Marcelle Robertson Gill who assumed the task for 22 years.

In 1974 and until the early 1980s, the post office was located in front of the promenade before moving to the former Hudson's Bay Store. He stayed there until November 15, 2016 whwn he was relocated to the house between the boardwalk and the Paul grocery store on the edge of the Pekuakami.