BaladoDiscovery is a L’Aire de jeu inc. production that has financial support from the Government of Canada (Canada Interactive Fund).




BaladoDiscovery is a free application for the iPhone and iPad users and the Android phones and tablets users.

Devices providing full access to the tours :

iPhone: 5 version and +

iPad: version 2 and +

iPod: version 4 and +

Android phones: the vast majority of models

Android tablets: the vast majority of models

Access to the GPS in “preload” mode (without Internet)

All of the devices above allow accessing the tours with no 3G Internet connexion in the field (“preload” mode). However, the basic iPad (Wi-Fi) and the iPod don’t allow tracking the user’s location by GPS. The other devices all allow to track the user’s location according to the routes and the points of interest.



Practical information

To the application users on the field

To the tours and themes creators




A word about the project's stakeholders

L’Aire de jeu is a non-profit organization located in Quebec. Its mission consists of creating and broadcasting film, theatrical and multimedia productions; allowing the community to be the main beneficiary; creating and broadcasting regional and national productions, for cultural entertainment purposes, in which artists are involved; making these productions available to a wide audience and connecting with other stakeholders of the arts and media community in order to combine the different disciplines and styles.

With this aim in mind, L’Aire de jeu brought BaladoDiscovery. This project is available for free to the majority of smart devices users (iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and Android phones).

Cinax inc. provides development services and maintenance of the application and also provides services to customers of the creation module that allows you to create and offer tours to visitors.






Gérald Gilbert

Product designers

Gérald Gilbert
Mathieu Blanchette


Gérald Gilbert, coordinator
Mathieu Blanchette, lead developer

Multimedia service company

Cinax inc.

Analysts programmers

Adrian Plopeanu (Web app / web infrastructure)
Mathieu Blanchette (Android application / Web app)
Marc Desfossés (iOS application)


Mickael Paradis
Adrian Plopeanu
Yassine Parakh Ousman
Mathieu Blanchette
Pang Yan Bin
Julien Brassard
Michael Brunelle
Ghazi Denden
Vijay Gajjar
Rahul Vaghani
Alexandre Vincent
Manu Tiwari

Multimedia designers

Mathieu Blanchette
Mathieu Groulx
Riadh Touj

Researchers – original contents

Anne-Josée Bédard
Joshua Lessard
Gérald Gilbert
Christopher Vallières
Sylvie L. Bergeron
Kristina Bernard

Directors – contents

Gérald Gilbert
Joshua Lessard
Anne-Josée Bédard

Editors – original contents

Gérald Gilbert
Joshua Lessard


Anne-Josée Bédard


Sébastien Guimier

Production accountant

Huguette Théberge
Sylvie L. Bergeron

Director – Project manager

Gérald Gilbert


L’Aire de jeu inc.




Interactive maps

Interactive maps used in this software are made with Leaflet.

Map data from OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA.




Legal Notices

When you use BaladoDiscovery and its applications and when you browse its website, you accept everything that is listed in the Legal Notices of the BaladoDiscovery website. You acknowledge that you have read and understood the summary presentation, the definitions, the BaladoDiscovery Terms of Use, the Privacy and Responsibility section and the Applicable Laws section available on the website.





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