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Introducing the BaladoDiscovery application for iPhone and iPad

Over 30 GPS-guided tours to travel in Quebec

Sherbrooke, June 12, 2013 – A new application presently available for your iPhone and iPad allows you to cover over 30 tours that will guide you by GPS. The application, named BaladoDiscovery, offers information that will make you travel through time, be it on foot, by car, bicycle, and soon on horseback, according to your interest, and for free.

And it works!

Be prepared to move. This platform guides the visitors, proposes them paths to take during them journey and shows them position at that point throughout the tour. They can have access to old 8 mm films, commented archival photographs, texts, and audio tapes. The BaladoDiscovery application and all these tours are available for free on App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and on Google Play (Android).

The BaladoDiscovery application is a production of the organization L’Aire de jeu, which received financial support from Canadian Heritage (Canada Interactive Fund). Computer science students of Université de Sherbrooke were involved in implementing this platform, under the supervision of the Cinax, a firm specialized in multimedia from Sherbrooke. The co-designers in charge of the project are Mathieu Blanchette and Gérald Gilbert (an ex-participant of Radio-Canada’s "Course destination-monde").

Thirty GPS-guided tours are currently offered. Users can travel without being connected to the Internet during the journey (the tours can be preloaded). At least forty other tours from different regions will be added this year. These tours are created by tourist organizations located all over the country. BaladoDiscovery provides them the tool that allows to present their tours in an interactive organized context, considering that at last, it is the user experience that matters “, notes Gérald Gilbert.

Examples of tours

Quebec City – Fortifications tour

The Old Quebec fortifications GPS tour guides the participant to the place where artefacts of Champlain were discovered and proposes filming realized with the archeologists on site, during their excavations.

Sherbrooke – for participants and visitors of the 2013 Canada Games

The athletes who will meet in Sherbrooke for the Canada Games this summer will be guided by GPS towards each of the competitions venues, as well as accessing several GPS-guided cultural tours in the area.

Ottawa – Haunted places

The Haunted places tour guides the participants to six famous places of the national capital, and offers them information about people who died in those buildings and who would still be haunting the visitors.

Features of the BaladoDiscovery mobile application

  • Works without Internet during the journey (by preloading).

  • Free for the owners of Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

  • Brings all the interactive tours together in one application.

  • Real-time update of the tours catalog, including the novelties.

  • Ergonomic and adapted design, specific to the device formats (phone versus tablet).

  • Native application, designed according to Android and iOs distinctly.

  • Registered trademark at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Download BaladoDiscovery for free

On App Store: BaladoDiscovery

Direct link:

On Google Play: BaladoDiscovery

Direct link:

Adding new tours

A creation module allows the representatives of tourist, cultural, and municipal organizations to create complete tours autonomously and to add them in the catalogue of the application’s tours (no need to be a computer specialist). The creator of tours can subscribe on the website (Creation section).


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