City of Greater Sudbury | The Birthplace of Nouvel‑Ontario

City of Greater Sudbury | The Birthplace of Nouvel-Ontario

Discover the places, landmarks and dynamic initiatives that have shaped the history of Greater Sudbury's Francophone community over time.

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Greater Sudbury is a regional hub for many Ontarians who live in the surrounding communities. These people visit family and friends, seek cultural and educational experiences, entertain themselves, store or go on business. It is also a city of lakes, with 330 of them!

Over the years, Sudbury's francophones have developed an organizational infrastructure and have been pioneers in many ways, as you will see. Today, the wide range of socio-cultural services offered in French or in both official languages to its 42,000 francophone residents make Greater Sudbury a rich and dynamic place.

Approximately 300 mining companies in the region provide employment to 6,000 people in Greater Sudbury. Related to this industry, you will find one of Canada's largest science museums here. You'll also find eight Ontario Provincial Parks in the area, as well as the largest francophone population in the north of the province.


Destination Northern Ontario
City of Greater Sudbury
Center franco-ontarien de folklore
Association canadienne-française de l'Ontario du grand Sudbury
Le Voyageur

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City of Greater Sudbury | The Birthplace of Nouvel-Ontario