Harriel II | St-Andrew's church

An angel in front of the church

A realization of Mimi Verro

It is common to see an artist creating a series of works inspired by the same subject.

St-Andrew's church

Photo taken on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary, July 1, 1938.

Coll. Inverness Tourism Corporation

Presbyterian Pastors of Inverness

The Reverend John Crombie, First Presbyterian Pastor of Inverness (1856 -1869) and some successors: John Betune (1871 - 1873), M. McKenzie (1874 - 1878), R.Hoskin (1879 - 1882), Jas. Sutherland (1886 - 1900), H.C. Sutherland (1901 - 1907).

Coll. Gilles Saint-Pierre


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