Jean XXIII School | Tribute to Pellan

Facing the old academy

Photo source: picture of Philippe Boite

École Jean-XXIII

L'école Jean-XXXIII opened in 1963 to replace the 9 row schools and the one in the village.                                                                                           

The first school in Inverness, in 1831, was Protestant. It was only in 1869 that the first Catholic school was built.

Students of l'école Jean-XXIII

Forty students, from kindergarten to grade six, participated in the Homage to Pellan project.

“We call Alfred Pellan, the waking dreamer. We can also say of our young people that they are waking dreamers. They are brilliant, intelligent and creative and I like to make them realize that they have a great wealth of creativity. I want these workshops to mark them enough so that they retain the creativity that characterizes them "- Annie St-Jean

Source: Carole Isabel, l'Avenir de l'Érable

Black series | Alfred Pellan

Quebec artist Alfred Pellan (1906-1988), this waking dreamer, explored many forms, techniques and materials, thus demonstrating a visceral need to create. A course to the measure of this artist steeped in surrealism, from the universal quest to personal expression, from great painting to everyday objects.

Biography: National Museum of Fine Art of Quebec


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