On the Shores of Lake Temiskaming

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Temiskaming Shores, Ontario, Canada

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43.30 km

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  • Permanently, the whole year

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Destination Northern Ontario

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On the Shores of Lake Temiskaming


Come and explore some of the resources we have as a result of Lake Temiskaming and its tributaries, which played a crucial role in the development of the shorelines.

Starting with agriculture, a major factor in the evolution of industry to its current state, you will follow a path where nature and the connections between people who live here come together to build the history of this place in which French, English and Anishinabe are inextricably linked.

Over the years, people have developed our neck of the woods, folks who still have a presence here though current generations who understand that relationships are developed and maintained through hard work and respectful goodwill.

Throughout this free tour, you will take in the natural splendour of this beautiful area.

Enjoy this tour!


Financial support is provided by Destination Northern Ontario, FedNor, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and the City of Temiskaming Shores.

This circuit was produced by the City of Temiskaming Shores in collaboration with Markey Consulting and Clark Communications.

Thanks also to:

Temiskaming Shores Chamber of Commerce
Lake Temiskaming Circle Tour
Haileybury Heritage Museum
Temiskaming Speaker
Destination Northern Ontario

Overview of map and points of interest

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    1. Statue Miss Claybelt


    2. Waterfront


    3. Shannen's Koostachin Dream Memorial


    4. L’allée des Millionnaires


    5. Statue Pioneer Spirit


    6. The bestselling author of the Scotia building


    7. Statue Charles Cobbold Farr


    8. Mill Creek


    9. Devil's Rock - Le rocher du diable


    10. La mission St-Claude

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