Lantier Parish Rectory

The Priest’s Residence

Sources: Rectory – picture taken in 1952

View of the Chapel and the Church in the Early 1960s

Although efforts were made to erect a new church in 1959, it was not until 1963 that authorities agreed to the petition made by the forty-two parishioners due the chapel’s dilapidated state, the increase in vacationers and the lack of space required to satisfy worship needs. The chapel was demolished in 1964. The church was rebuilt as well as the rectory that we see today.

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The parish rectory, home of the parish priest and offices, was built in 1952. A two-storey building with a mansard roof, the rectory had twelve rooms. Local woodworkers hired to carve the hand-wrought wood elements demonstrated great skill. Over the years, the parish council agreed to pay for improvements: a garage, a covered walkway, furnishings, a new heating system, hot water and electricity, insulation, repairs, and finishing. Generous parishioners donated their time and skills to various renovation projects, painting, and general maintenance work. The vitality of this population was highlighted during the April 15, 1967, edition of Les soirées canadiennes (Canadian evenings) broadcast by CHLT-DT, the TVA owned-and-operated television station in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Over the years, various religious communities including the Daughters of Wisdom, the Sisters of Providence, the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux, and the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion supported and contributed to various parish services such as the secretariat, pastoral work, and the liturgy.

Reports of annual pastoral visits by the diocesan administration regularly confirmed the parish’s sound financial management. Mutual cooperation and solidarity were the rule. To meet the parish’s financial needs, numerous collective volunteer and fundraising events were organized: bingo nights, corn roasts, raffles, dinners of all kinds, draws, bazaars, and so on.

In 2007, the parishes of Sainte-Maria-Goretti, Notre-Dame-de-Fatima, Saint-Agricole, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, and Sainte-Lucie united to form the Sainte-Agathe parish. A new parish community arose, and local communities continued to carry out their Christian actions. Since it was no longer needed, the rectory was rented out as a private home.

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