Town Hall of Lantier

The Old Village School

From School to Town Hall

In 1971, following the dissolution of the Commission scolaire de Lantier, the building which housed the village school since the 1950s, was taken over by the Municipalité de Lantier. In 1974 the building became the administrative centre of the Municipality, the location of today’s Town Hall.

Creation of Municipalité de Lantier

Here is the extract form the Gazette officielle de Québec, November 22, 1947, page 1 of 3, officialising the creation of the Municipalité de Lantier.

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The ground you are walking on was trod by the first settlers. Lantier was founded in 1948 following its separation from the municipality of the township of Doncaster. Wishing to pay homage to the family of Ludger Lanthier, postmaster, and in accordance with the municipal code, the town asked the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to publish the proclamation in the Government of Quebec’s official gazette. According to oral tradition, the “h” in Lanthier was accidentally omitted, and the municipal corporation of Lantier was constituted on January 1, 1948.

In 1971, Lantier assumed financial responsibility for the former central schoolhouse built in the 1950s. In July 1974, it purchased the building to use as headquarters for the municipal corporation. Having been modernized over the years, it is now home to the council room, the library, the post office, and the municipal offices for administrative services, public works, the environment, and land planning and development.  In 1979, the basement was renovated to create a community hall with all the amenities needed to hold receptions, other events, and social gatherings. Nearby is Citoyen Park, a children’s playground, sports facilities, recreational pathways, the ecocentre, and the municipal garage. Past generations have left their mark on the village, telling the most inspiring stories about their history in their own way. The residents of Lantier love their dynamic living environment, enjoy participating in its development, and are committed to protecting its rich natural heritage.

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