From Yesterday to Today, a Work of Art by Armand Vaillancourt

A Work of Art Inspired by Environmental Concerns

The Artist Armand Vaillancourt

Armand Vaillancourt, born in Black Lake, Québec on September 3rd 1929, is a painter and sculptor.  Knight of the National Order of Quebec and recipient of the Paul-Émile-Borduas Award, Vaillancourt is also known as the husband of Suzanne Vaillancourt, the woman who inspired the famous song “Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen. The photo is from summer 2009.

The Beginnings of the Creation of the Work of Art

Vaillancourt created D'hier à aujourd'hui with volunteers from the Municipality in the summer of 2009. This work demonstrates his sensitivity and concern for environmental issues.

Historically, it’s in 951, at the École des beaux-arts de Montréal, that Vaillancourt discovered his passion for sculpture. Some of his works are now exhibited worldwide.

Involvement of Our Volunteers in Lantier

Our volunteers enjoyed participating in the creation of a work of art with an internationally renowned painter and sculptor. This achievement is now on display in the Parc du citoyen.

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In summer 2009, at the entrance to Citoyen Park, sculptor, artist, and painter Armand Vaillancourt born in Black Lake, Quebec, worked with volunteers to create D’HIER À AUJOURD’HUI (From Yesterday to Today). To create this sculpture, Vaillancourt used an old stationary engine along with structural and other raw materials recovered from Lantier’s ecocentre, thereby demonstrating his concern for the environment. This internationally renowned artist is part of the abstract expressionism movement. The sculpture’s visual impact is striking.

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