Historical Downtown Edmundston

Historical Downtown Edmundston

Explore downtown Edmundston and get a glimpse of the history of the second largest Canadian city with a francophone majority outside Quebec. The suggested route crosses the Madawaska River, among other things, by passing over the magnificent Bernard-Valcourt pedestrian bridge.

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The city of Edmundston (formerly Petit-Sault) was founded around 1790 by Acadians fleeing the arrival of the Loyalists from the East. The name Edmundston was given in memory of a former governor of New Brunswick, Sir Edmund Walker Head who visited the region in 1856. During the 19th century, a few English-speaking immigrants and many people from Quebec came to live here, thus increasing the city’s population.

Today, Edmundston is the most important business and service centre in northwestern New Brunswick. It’s also the most populated city in the region.


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A production of the Edmundston Madawaska Tourism Office & Expérience Acadie.

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Historical Downtown Edmundston