West Nipissing Mural and Sign Tour

West Nipissing Mural and Sign Tour

Giant murals and unique community portraits have been created in the West Nipissing area. This visit will allow you to learn more about these works and the history of the region. It includes a suggested itinerary, photos, text, conceptual drawings and works by local artists.

This guide is available both online (streaming) and offline (without the Internet on the ground, cell phone in hand) with the Preload option of the mobile application.


This is what you can check on the spot! You are invited to find the exact locations of certain objects, animals and people that are on each of the murals and on the welcome signs of our communities.


West Nipissing is the most bilingual community in Ontario with 67.6% of residents fluent in English and French. 


The Municipality of West Nipissing is an amalgamation of several small communities, each with a unique character and distinct attributes. To highlight the qualities and characteristics of each area, City Council enlisted the services of local multimedia artist Howie Longfellow to develop a series of community welcome signs. This beautiful series of community portraits was created following his consultations with the residents. The panels are made up of a unique set of illustrations that capture the spirit of each community. 


All painted murals were created by talented volunteer artists and were funded by donations from organizations, individuals and/ or local businesses. Led by community volunteer Gayle Primeau, this mural project has added color and sparkle to downtown Sturgeon Falls. Each mural contributes to the theme of Joie de vivre found in community support, in addition to contributing to the development of local tourism.


West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce
Economic Partners Sudbury East West Nipissing
Howie Longfellow – Crimson Pepper
Gayle Primeau
West Nipissing Historic Society
Municipality of West Nipissing
Sturgeon River House Museum
West Nipissing Public Library
Destination Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

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West Nipissing Mural and Sign Tour