Mt. Colquhoun Fire Tower Lookout

Fire Tower

The Colquhoun Tower was erected in 1929 by the Ministry of Natural Resources.  

Check out the view

The tower can be accessed in all seasons, with the majority of the 7.4 km trail being dry and grassy in summer while seeing some muddy areas that can become slippery in during the wetter periods spring and fall.  

In winter, snowmobilers are rewarded with the impressive scenic view from the top of Colquhoun Mountain via the trails located in Greenwater Provincial Park (L105) just west of Cochrane.

Greenwater Provincial Park

The Greenwater Provincial Park is an 8,516-hectare nature park with 26 kettle lakes.

Take a hike!

The best way to explore the wilderness areas of the park is by snowmobile or snowshoeing trails. If snowshoeing is your preference, these trails also provide an opportunity to view and learn more about the wilderness and wildlife in the region. 

The Sunset trail can be accessed by foot during the spring-summer and fall seasons.  It should however be noted that the park is not actively maintained by the province nor the municipality at this time.

Exploring the park

This natural environment park with a 61-metre-high esker ridge, was formed less than 10,000 years ago by glacial fluvial actions, dominating its central section. Small clear lakes parallel the base of the esker.

While it is accessible by snowmobile and offers breath-taking views, ice fishing, and off trail riding possibilities, we ask that you steer clear of the hiking trails.

Avid fisherman will find various fish species such as perch, northern pike, splake, brook and rainbow trout. Wildlife sightings in the park to look for include moose and bear, as well as beaver, fox, mink, otter and muskrat.

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