Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat & Heritage Village

Rehabilitating polar bears since 2004

The Polar Bear Habitat & Heritage Village officially opened on August 25, 2004 and is the only rehabilitation centre of its kind in the world.

A natural subarctic environment

The world’s largest and only human-run care facility dedicated entirely to polar bears., the habitat staff agree that the best place for these white-coated beasts is in the wild, and only provide care and refuge for polar bears that are orphaned or facing climate or human-related threats.

All of the bears who stay at the habitat are free to roam the 24 acres of pristine land and five large enclosures, which have been made to resemble a natural subarctic environment to make them feel at home.

Come play with Polar Bears

The centre features a unique wading area attached to the polar bear pool to allow visitors to ‘swim with the bears”,

Up close and personal

The Habitat provides a home for polar bears that are unable to survive in the wild and give scientists and researchers here at the habitat and abroad the ability to study and research these amazing creatures. The more we can learn about polar bears, the better we can protect them. The Habitat is currently home to three male bears: Ganuk, Henry, and Inukshuk.

Visits start in the interpretive room where visitors can view films or participate in activities and speaker presentations. 

Those who either can't make their way to the Habitat in person or simply have a keen interest in the bears, can view the day to day activities on the BearCams which stream live 24/7. 

Blast from the past

Located on the grounds of the Canadian Polar Bear Habitat, the Cochrane Heritage Village has multiple buildings housing historic settings.

Cochrane - circa 1900

From the Habitat’s bear viewing building, visitors can continue down the path for a glimpse into Cochrane’s history.  

This re-creation of an early 1900s street includes butcher shop, farm implementation dealership, doctor’s office, blacksmith shop, schoolhouse, general store, farmhouse and more.  

There is also a sit in restaurant for fast foods and snacks. The Heritage Village is only open in the summer months and often has costumed hosts. 

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