Ste-Cécile Church

In honor of a matriarch

Built by local workers, St. Cecilia's Church officially opened its doors in February 1972.

A collective effort

After Magpie moved to Dubreuilville, it took more than a decade for mass to be celebrated in a church. The altar was carved from a large tree trunk and the church had a lectern, baptismal font, tabernacle base and wooden pews.

The frame of the building consists of circular ribs, originally built on the ground and then cut in half. The ribs form the arches that give the church its unique shape. One of the brothers, Joachim, made the colored windows behind the altar, which are still there today.

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The Dubreuil matriarch was much loved and respected by her sons, so much so that they symbolically named her employee number one, giving her the first numbered employee badge of the Dubreuil Brothers. She was also honored by her sons in 1958 when they built the church in Magpie, which they named Sainte-Cécile.


We always talk about the four Dubreuil brothers and their mother, but we must not forget Pâquerette, the youngest of the Dubreuil sisters.

Pâquerette worked for her brothers for many years. She worked at the company's general store and as Napoleon's secretary. Most importantly, she documented a significant amount of information that was used in the publication of The Dubreuil and the Wood, A History of Dubreuilville in 2018.

The heart of the community

The Dubreuil family inspired residents to live better. In 1972, community volunteers worked together to build St. Cecile Church.

Another important project led by the community was the construction of an arena.  The recreation center opened in 1977 and quickly became the heart of the community, hosting field hockey games and tournaments, figure skating shows, dances, concerts, family activities and trade shows.

The Strongman

Perhaps the most popular of the activities and events held at the arena are the strongman competitions that are still held today and have been recognized nationally and internationally!

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