Historical tour of Shannon

Historical tour of Shannon
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Ville de Shannon

Through a guided historical tour discover places that have marked Shannon’s history. This can be done on-site using the interactive map and on-demand information on your mobile device. The suggested route is 2.4 km from the first point to the last point (or 4 km as a loop, if you return to your starting point once you’ve completed the tour).

On-site, the circuit is ideally designed to be travelled by bike, starting at the caboose which sits beside the Jacques-Cartier/Portneuf Vélopiste bicycle path. The route can also be taken on foot.


This circuit is equally accessible online, or using data on-site. It is also possible to pre-load the route if access to data is impossible on-site. The interactive map guides you and allows you to obtain the content on request for each of the identified locations.

Welcome to Shannon!


Texts: Shannon Local Heritage Council
Cover photo: City of Shannon archives


We would like to thank those who provided the voices for our audio presentations. The English capsules were read by Shannon’s Irish descendants, Ms. Kerry-Ann King and Messrs. Lawrence Hamilton and Terrence Neville.  The French capsules were read by Mme JoAnne Arsenault & M. David Rompré.

Consult the Points of Interest on the Interactive Map 

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Historical tour of Shannon