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Mountain bike race, 2016
Source: Municipality of Morin-Heights Archives

At the foot of Mont Bellevue, which dominates the park, outdoor enthusiasts and seasoned sportspeople alike have been meeting for several decades. It's where mountain biking, hiking, sledding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing are practiced. From June to the end of October, the farmers' market and local artisans offer their products. It is also the ideal country setting for the "Superfolk" summer festival, a new musical event since 2017.

Bellevue ski hill

Bellevue ski hill
Source: Basler archives

The park bears the name of the owners of the former Mont Bellevue ski hill, the brothers Georges "Bunny" and Albert Basler. The Basler family has been in Morin-Heights since 1921 and owned the Bellevue Hotel near the train station. In 1955, the Basler brothers acquired the small "Ken and Eddie's Ski tow" to improve the family business' tourist package. It then became the Bellevue Ski Hill.

Ski for all

Drawing by Peter Whalley (1921-2007), Canadian artist and illustrator that resided in Morin-Heights.Source: Basler archives

They made several improvements over the years, including a new ski chalet and tows and the addition of a ski jump for the enjoyment of the fearless. Albert Basler spread sawdust from the nearby sawmill to soften the landings in the fall, and snowshoers were invited to groom the trail.

Ski jump

The ski jump at Bellevue Ski Hill
Source: Basler archives

Entrepreneurs and talented skiers Albert and Bunny have contributed to developing the region's economy, based essentially on tourism, since the beginning of the 20th century. Albert was president of the Morin-Heights Ski Club and later the Viking Ski Club, which is still in operation today. Bunny, an instructor and examiner with the Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance from the organization's early days, coined the slogan "Morin-Heights, Capital of Cross-Country Skiing". With nearly 200 km of trails, it can claim this title without any hesitation.

An exceptional contribution

Bunny Basler, 1954
Source: Basler archives

Mont Bellevue hosted many ski jumping and nordic ski championships, attracting the best skiers of the time. The adventure lasted 40 years until the resort closed in 1995. For their years of dedication to teaching young skiers, organizing competitions, and creating a safe and pleasant environment for athletes and families alike, brothers Albert and Bunny Basler were inducted into the Laurentian Ski Museum Hall of Fame in Saint-Sauveur. In 2005, the Municipality acquired the land to preserve its vocation as a public space for sports and cultural activities.

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