Mickey's Café

The general store and post office of 1898

832 Village Road
Source: MHHA archives.

The Mickey's Cafe you see today was built in 2017 on the site of one of the oldest businesses in the village. It also has the longest history, from 1898 to 2013.This general store was built by Mr. Cuffling and had several owners: Ebenezer Christie, J. E. Syvret, Jack Watchorn, and finally the LeGallees for its last 53 years.

Mildred and Owens animals

Owen LeGallee behind the coffee counter
Source: MHHA archives

The business took on Mildred's nickname, Mickey's. They sold clothing, shoes, boots, some hardware and groceries (non-perishable goods) and more exclusively wool, fabric and sewing supplies. As a good businessman, Owen had a flair for tailoring products to the needs of his customers. He added a laundry facility in 1963, which many vacationers quickly adopted, and a coffee counter for customers to discuss the latest news in the village while waiting on their laundry.

One could loiter around for a long time and always meet some acquaintances. Mickey's was also the emergency call center for fire and police until 1995 when the 9-1-1 code was introduced.

In 2013 Owen LeGallee retired and sold the store, which made way for the current café. Out of respect for the citizens' attachment to the memory of Mickey's, the new owner kept the name of the business and even recycled the wood of the old building, preserving some of the soul of Morin-Heights at the same time.

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