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Sixteen Island Lake Protestant Church source: Sixteen Island Lake Union Church,

Ludington Point is named after its original owners, Tracy Ludington (1851-1928) and his wife, Mary M.Baker Ludington. In 1905, they built their second home there, named 'Liberty Hall 

Tracy Ludington was a businessman who was very involved in the lake community. He was the first president of the Sixteen Island Lake Fishing Club and a generous benefactor to several charities and foundations, including the Old Brewery Mission, the Western Hospital and the Grace Dart Hospital in Montreal. In 1906, he built a lodge on his property for the Protestant residents of the lake, a 'Union Church'.

At that time, the United Church did not yet exist and some small Protestant communities gathered around a single church that hosted pastors from different denominations: Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational. It should be noted that Protestant places of worship are not consecrated, which allows believers to meet in the places of their choice for prayer. 

Nearly one hundred worshippers attended the Sunday services held during the summer. Upon his death, Tracy Ludington willed the lodge and grounds to the church on the condition that summer services be continued there. Although attendance has declined over time, residents are still attached to it and a board of a dozen trustees oversees its preservation.

Mary M. Baker Ludington

Mary M. Baker Ludington (1854-1949)
Source: Sixteen Island Lake Union Church

Even before the pavilion was inaugurated, an all-female committee was formed at the instigation of Mary Ludington to see to the smooth running of the little church. It was necessary to buy the hymn books, invite different pastors who took turns during the summer, pay for their train tickets, find the organ and organist as well as the furniture. This voluntary association worked for 45 years.

In addition to the Sunday collections, they organized fundraisers that covered not only the costs of the church, but also donations for hospitals or other charities such as the Red Cross for which they sewed bandages for the soldiers of the First World War.

Text written by Mary M. Baker Ludington for her friends

Together we hear the church-bells ringing,
When the Sabbath day is fair;
Together we hear the people singing, 
As they meet together for prayer.
We've ministers from all denominations, 
Our organist and soloist are fine,
They sing and preach to our congregation 
In the good old summer time.

For the needy our women sew many a seam
Out of doors in the fine weather,
While the men pitch horse-shoes on the green
Then we all have tea together.
The boys and girls play bat and ball,
And the little ones love to meet,
For they know they are welcome at Liberty Hall,
Excerpt from 'Summer at Sixteen Island Lake,' written by Mary M. Baker L udington for her friends on her golden wedding anniversary in January 1924.
Source: Sixteen Island Lake Union Church, 


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