Complexe St.James

A building reminiscent the establishment of the Anglican community

St. James Church

Church rear view.

View from St-Paul street

Church and bridge view in 1950.

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NARRATOR (female voice)
We’re standing in front of the Complexe St. James. In 2008, the community hall built on this site was listed as a heritage building, not only for its historical value, but also for its architecture.
This building is reminiscent of the establishment and development of the Anglican community in Farnham. Interestingly, in the mid-19th century, the city’s population was predominantly English-speaking and of Protestant or Anglican faith. After the Anglicans had conducted their services in a hotel on several occasions, they eventually acquired a church.

NARRATOR (male voice)
The site is said to have been donated in 1847 by Colonel James Allsopp for the construction of a church, a rectory and other outbuildings as well as the layout for a cemetery.
The initial work was carried out from 1847 to 1849 under the supervision of Rev. Johnson and Rev. Slack. Do you know where the funding for this project came from? Well, in fact, the funds were raised in England by the Rev. James Jones.

NARRATOR (female voice)   
Further work was carried out over a period of twenty years, between 1853 and 1873. Subsequently, in 1892, the old rectory was demolished and the present one was built that same year.

NARRATOR (male voice)
As for the community hall, it was built according to Pastor Thomas William Mussen’s plans, and the contractor Pierre Gobeille was given the task of carrying out the work, which was completed in 1888.

NARRATOR (female voice)
Did you know that a significant portion of the funds for completing the work on the Anglican Hall came from the sale of the Anglican School on rue St. Joseph for $2,000? This sale included, among other things, the school bell, the desks and the chairs. Furthermore, the sale price was conditional on the building being used as a Protestant school. Should this condition not be met, an additional $500 would be charged.

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