Farnham CIBC

A building dating from 1904


The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), seen from rue Hôtel-de-Ville.

The Bank

View from the Main Street.

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NARRATOR (female voice)
You’re standing in front of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, a building established in 1904 and one of the rare ones to have been spared during the raging downtown fire of 1911.

NARRATOR (male voice)
About four years went by between the founding of the Eastern Townships Bank, with its head offices in Sherbrooke, and the start of its operations in Farnham in 1859. After consolidating its assets in the Eastern Townships, the bank started to expand its operations to other regions of Québec. Would you believe that already in 1911, its network had grown to include more than a hundred branches? (!)

NARRATOR (female voice)
As early as in 1881, the bank opened a branch in Farnham. The management was entrusted to Mr. Edward N. Robinson. He held the position until 1887 when he left to manage a branch that opened in Granby.

After his departure, the Farnham branch closed, but would welcome clients once again in February 1903 under the management of M. E. H. Campbell.

NARRATOR (male voice)
Do you know how the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce came to be? The CIBC was established in 1961 when The Canadian Bank of Commerce, founded in 1867, merged with the Imperial Bank of Canada, founded in 1875.

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