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Map of bike stops in the municipality of Wentworth-North.
Source: Municipality of Wentworth-North

You are at the entrance of the Saint-Michel campground, one of the two campgrounds in Wentworth-North with the Grand Lac Noir campground located further north in the hamlet of Laurel. On the other side of the road, thereis a bicycle stop; seven similar structures are spread out along the main road that crosses the municipality to encourage cyclists to travel through the different parts of the territory. This route intersects with the Aerobic Corridor at Laurel. Cycling is just one of the many activities available in the area, which has housed a variety of summer camps for children and adults for over a century.

Old Brewery Mission

Camp Chapleau in the first half of the 
20th century.
Source: BAnQ

Exceptional in its mandate and longevity, Camp Chapleau has welcomed thousands of children during its one hundred and one years of operation from 1906 to 2007. It was owned by the Old Brewery Mission and offered disadvantaged mothers and their children a safe and fun place to enjoy their summer vacation by learning about nature, healthy outdoor exercise and teamwork. For many, it was the one and only opportunity to spend a few weeks out of the city.

Summer camps

Base de plein air Bon départ
Source: Base de plein air Bon départ

Jumpstart Summer Camp is located not far from here on a 539-acre estate that includes five lakes; you will find a bicycle stop at the corner of Chemin de roches that leads to the camp. Formerly owned by the Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine Hospital in Montreal, it has been owned since 2000 by a foundation set up by the Canadian Tire Corporation. It offers a wide range of sports activities and culinary workshops to children from underprivileged backgrounds and people living with intellectual disabilities. A day camp program is also offered to local youth.


Walking and cross-country skiing trail 
near Lake Saint-Victor.
Photographer: Harvey Lazar

Wentworth-North is crisscrossed with hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing trails of all levels of difficulty. The hamlets of Montfort and Laurel have the most trails. They are accessible from the Montfort Pavilion or behind City Hall. In addition, trails developed by the Viking Ski Club, recognized by competitive cross-country skiers, are located east and south of Lake Saint-François-Xavier. The Wentworth-North terrain may be challenging, but the beautiful landscape you’ll experience along the way is worth the effort.

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