Memorial Park

In the heart of the neighborhood

Sources: SODAM

The Mascouche Community Club

The first chalet of the Mascouche Community Club.

A tribute to the military

In July 1946, the Mascouche Community Club organized a banquet for the Mascouchois veterans of the Second World War. 170 Mascouche volunteers took part in the great armed conflicts of the 20th century (World War I, World War II, United Nations and Korean War.

Mugford's Beach

Mugford's Beach, formerly located on Poplar Street, was fed by Lapointe Creek. Sadly nothing remains of it today, but you can still see the location of the creek at the height of the steel guardrails that line the street.

Extract of
From Mascouche Rapids to Terrebonne Heights

From Mascouche Rapids to Terrebonne Heights image circuit

Presented by : English Community Organization of Lanaudière (ECOL)

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