Pinewood School

Erected in the 1950s

Sources: SODAM

Near the school

At the corner of Garden Street, you see a blue building with the inscription “Private School”. This is St-Margaret Academy, a primary level school. You should know that before being a school, this place was an Anglican church. As early as 1928, English-speaking Protestant families in the neighborhood were quick to create an Anglican mission, then a chapel. In 1954, a church was built called 'Hulme Memorial' in honor of Margaret J. Hulme, a woman very involved in the education of young Protestants in the neighborhood and in the creation of the Anglican mission in the 1920s.

Over time

Due to the departure of several English-speaking families, the Anglican community experienced a decline in the 1970s. It experienced a respite with the weekly closure of Grace Church activities in 1976, but this respite was only temporary. The number of faithful, still decreasing, forced the parish authorities to reorganize their activities, this time in favor of the Grace Anglican Church, which had just been renovated. So, in 2005, St-Margaret's Church closed its doors to make way for today's private school.

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From Mascouche Rapids to Terrebonne Heights

From Mascouche Rapids to Terrebonne Heights image circuit

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