Grace Anglican Church

Built en 1840

Sources: Ferland photo - chasseur d'images

Stele of Matthew Moody

Matthew Moody was born in Yorkshire, England and came to Canada around 1829. He specialized in axe-making. In 1834, Moody and his family settled in Terrebonne, rue Saint-François-Xavier. Over the decades, his business diversified and became a factory on St-Louis street. It was recognized throughout eastern Canada. His sons eventually took over the business. Matthew Moody died in Terrebonne on November 21, 1887.


Portrait of Matthew Moody, who died in Terrebonne on November 21, 1887.

Stele of Roderick McKenzie

A stone obelisk, the upper part of which is broken, stands on a pedestal. This is the funerary monument in memory of the Honorable Roderick MacKenzie, a very influential man in Terrebonne in the 19th century. He was Director of the North West Company, an important fur trading company at the origin of the development of the Western Canada. He was also a member of the Legislative Council of Lower Canada and a militia lieutenant-colonel. Roderick MacKenzie was a key player in the development of Terrebonne; moreover, he exercised the function of lord of Terrebonne from 1817 to 1824.


Roderick MacKenzie, a key player in the development of Terrebonne.

Pangman's Mound

Under this mound of earth are buried the last three Pangman lords: Peter (1744-1819), John (1808-1867) and John Henry (1845-1880). Peter Pangman was a great fur trader in Saskatchewan before acquiring the seigneury of Lachenaie. It was he who, around 1795, built the Mascouche Manor. His son, John Pangman, was a judge for the peace of the county, a militia lieutenant, then a legislative counsel (senator).  He operated the seigneurial mills and obtained a post office for Mascouche. Finally, his son John Henry, continued to operate and develop the sawmills of Mascouche and Saint-Lin. He was also president of the Laurentian railway company which had favorable influence in the creation of the village of La Plaine.

The three Pangman lords

The portraits of the three Pangman lords.

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From Mascouche Rapids to Terrebonne Heights

From Mascouche Rapids to Terrebonne Heights image circuit

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