The Moorcrest

The Moorcrest

Sources: Le jardin Moore

Moorecrest or Moorcrest

William Dyson Moore had named his sector M O O R C R E S T and not Moorecrest like his surname. As proof, Mr. Moore published a letter to the Terrebonne newspaper Le Courier in 1966 to have an article corrected where the toponym was misspelled. He insisted that it was not Moorecrest which meant 'Moore's Ridge', but rather Moorcrest was 'The Crest of the Moor'.

Don't forget that his ancestors were from England, so if you look up the Cambridge dictionary, the word 'moor' means an open area of hills, covered with rough grass, especially in Britain, for example the moors of Yorkshire. In this same dictionary, the word 'crest' means the top or the highest part of something like a hill. So, if you take a good look at the landscape here, everything fits.

William Dyson Moore

William Dyson Moore (1908 - 2002), developer of this lovely wooded area.

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From Mascouche Rapids to Terrebonne Heights

From Mascouche Rapids to Terrebonne Heights image circuit

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