Discover La Route des Belles‑Histoires

Discover La Route des Belles-Histoires
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Tourisme Laurentides

Travel back in time with Curé Labelle along the Route des Belles-Histoires, one of Quebec’s official tourist routes! This guided BaladoDiscovery tour presents the Laurentians from a different angle. Take Route 117 and the P’tit Train du Nord linear park between Saint-Jérôme and Mont-Laurier to follow in the footsteps of the region’s early settlers. There are 48 points of interest to discover, interspersed with audio stories, videos, texts, and photos showing how forestry, agriculture and tourism developed in the Laurentians. 


The interactive BaladoDiscovery map provides information upon request and lets you see your location in real time in relation to the points of interest, regardless of whether you follow the recommended itinerary. 

To access the map and educational content anywhere, without having to worry about Wi-Fi availability, please use the Preload option in the BaladoDiscovery mobile app (available for both iOS and Android).

Recommended starting point: Saint-Jérôme (heading north) or Mont-Laurier (heading south).


Drive along one of the settler routes through the Rivière-du-Nord, Pays-d’en-Haut, Laurentians, and Antoine-Labelle Regional County Municipalities (RCMs). These four RCMs each have their own unique personality, one-of-a-kind attractions, history, and founders.

Happy discovering!



Tourisme Laurentides would like to thank the Ministère du Tourisme du Québec for its contribution and Mr. Michel Allard, Doctor of History, museum specialist, author, retired Université du Québec à Montréal professor and member of the Laurentian Ski Hall of Fame, for his invaluable contribution.

“I had the privilege of working with Tourisme Laurentides on this BaladoDiscovery tour, which follows the Route des Belles-Histoires. It runs along part of the “P’tit train du Nord” cycle path, which, from Saint-Jérôme to Mont-Laurier, follows the old Canadian Pacific Railway. The tour tells the story of settlement in this vast region and paints a picture of the forestry, agriculture and tourism development that ensued. It is based on events involving secular and religious founders, including Antoine Labelle, the legendary priest commonly known as the “King of the North”.

- Michel Allard

Although the information covered in the Route des Belles-Histoires BaladoDiscovery podcast is based on a number of historical sources, some elements have been adapted for narrative purposes. Tourisme Laurentides cannot be held responsible for any omission or inaccuracy that may have found its way into the content, the goal being to provide entertainment using a subject matter related to an official tourist route in the Laurentians.

We hope you have a wonderful time on the Route des Belles-Histoires!

This audio guide is based on real events. The story has been adapted at the request of Tourisme Laurentides in order to provide the public with a new way to discover the region, via BaladoDiscovery.

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An initiative of Tourisme Laurentides made possible through funding from the Ministère du Tourisme du Québec.


We would also like to thank the Rivière du Nord, Pays-d'en-Haut, Laurentians, and Antoine-Labelle RCMs for their direct and/or indirect contributions to the Route des Belles-Histoires.


Francine Loubert, Communications Citron-Lime


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Discover La Route des Belles-Histoires