Saint‑François‑du‑Lac Historical Tour

Saint-François-du-Lac Historical Tour

Discover the history of Saint-François-du-Lac and visit segments of the social, economic, religious and cultural history of the locality with the 15 points of interest that this tour presents.

Compare vintage photos and old maps depicting the territory with the buildings and landscape that are there today. An audio capsule is offered for each of the suggested points of interest.

The interactive map allows you to visit on site with your mobile or from home from your computer.  Some spots address the history of the surrounding communities because they are closely linked to the history of Saint-François-du-Lac. 


The BaladoDiscovery mobile app (rather than the website) and the use of headphones are recommended.

Use the Précharger option of the BaladoDécouverte mobile application to access the interactive map and offline content (without Internet)

Enjoy your visit!



Made for the 350th anniversary of Saint-François-du-Lac in 2023. Many other historical and archaeological elements could enhance this tour because the timeline measuring the human occupation of the mouth of Saint-François River extends over several centuries, even millennia, thanks to the Aboriginal presence.


Thanks for the members of the Organizing Committee, to the members of the municipal council, and to all the long-time residents who agreed to share memories, photos, testimonials, life stories, etc.

Special thanks to Rosalie Crevier for the content of the point of interest on Fort Crevier.



Dominic Charette

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Saint-François-du-Lac Historical Tour