The Kiweki Point

Work in progress

Work to finalize the development of Pointe Kiweki is underway. The site is not accessible to visitors during this period.

Tribute to First Nations in Ottawa

Sources: Picture from National Capital Commission / Commission de la capitale nationale

View on the surroundings

The Kiweki Point lookout, a completely redesigned site, provides magnificent views.

Take a look a the tall building across the river... If your stay is longer than a day, a visit to the Canadian Museum of History is a must!

Visit of The Canadian Museum of History

Photo source: Wikipedia Creative Commons (CC-BY 3.0 - Cultural use) / By Wladyslaw

The building itself is a unique work of art, and the exhibits are incredible. This site is worth a look.

The most visited in Canada

The huge Canadian Museum of History, formerly known as the Canadian Museum of Civilization, is Canada's national museum of human history. It is the country's most-visited museum.

You will discover galleries, exhibitions of international caliber, a theatre, a cinema with a giant 3D screen, a space and a grandiose exhibition on the First Peoples (First Nations), and the famous Canadian Children's Museum, which you should not miss!

In short, enough to keep you busy for a few hours but I promise you won't regret it… It's a must-see.

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You are at Kiweki Point, near one of the most spectacular lookouts in Canada's capital.

Kiweki is a word originating from Ottawa's First Nations (meaning “back to the land”), to designate the Algonquin people who shaped this territory and still contribute to the cultural vitality of the region.

In 2023, this entire point is under construction and large-scale developments are currently being carried out to transform this place into a true cultural and recreational park. As a matter of fact, the name of the location itself changed! Before 2023, the same location was named Nepean Point for British Colonial Office Chief Evan Nepean who died in 1822.

You're looking out over the beautiful Ottawa River and are at a strategic cultural crossroads. Look around: you may see the National Gallery of Canada, the famous Alexandra Bridge, and the Canadian Museum of History.

The statues of Samuel de Champlain and Zibi Annini, a famous Anishinaabe personality, are witnesses to the strategic cultural exchanges of the time. Once used for military purposes, the creation of a public park in 1909 makes it one of the most popular recreational areas for Ottawans today.

The work plans to highlight the Algonquin culture and to favour the development of contemplation on the river through aesthetic walks along the banks.

Symbolic of the border between Québec and Ontario, the river has long been a landscape of exchange and travel between several cultural groups. The redevelopment of the park will allow the discovery of this landscape and restore its historical and cultural value.

The collaboration and involvement of several cultural actors and Algonquin communities now allow for the reinterpretation of the point through the different experiences and stories. The idea is to create a welcoming and inclusive space. The Pointe aux murmures, a building revisited to offer a meeting place for all, will be an important cultural heart.

Don't miss your chance to see the superb views of Ottawa and enjoy the magnificent amenities offered on site.

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