A cosmopolitan city: The churches

All Saints Church

Located at 35 Frédéric-Hébert Avenue, here you can see the original size of the church, before the addition of the steeple in 1952.

Sunday congregation

The interior of All Saints Church following renovations in 1952.

The synagogue

View of the Kneseth Israël synagogue in 1951.  

The Reformed Baptist Church

Newly built, circa 1934. 

Noranda-Rouyn United Church

The interior of the church before its modernization in 1959.  

Top-quality construction!

Noranda-Rouyn United High Church was built in 1937 to plans drawn up by Charles H. Hughes, a professional employed by the Noranda mine, whose talents were put to good use for the benefit of the community.

Extract of
One Mine, One City

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