Potton Historical Tour

Potton Historical Tour

Explore Potton, the incomparable Eastern Township region lying along the shores of Lake Memphremagog, in the heart of the Green Mountains. 

Frequented for thousands of years by aboriginal peoples and settled by pioneers from the United States at the end of the 18th century, Potton has a unique history marked by cultural diversity, a rich Anglo-American legacy and a remarkable architectural heritage.  As you travel its roads, you'll discover breathtaking landscapes of mountains, green forests, rolling meadows and vast farm lands.

The township of Potton owes its name to the town of Potton, located in Bedfordshire, England. The village of Mansonville is the administrative center.

The proposed tour includes 12 points of interest spread across the township. This tour experience is available both online (streaming) and offline (no Internet needed, cell phone in hand) with the preload option of the BaladoDiscovery mobile application.


Discover all the points of interest at your own pace, according to your own interests. The interactive map lets you locate points of interest, view your position in real time and access each story on demand. It also includes a suggested itinerary to get you off the beaten track.

The BaladoDiscovery application is suggested (rather than the website). This way provides a better experience and is essential if you don't have an on-site data package. All tour content will be accessible without an Internet network if you use the application's preload option (where wifi is available) before setting out on your walk.

You'll also find a Route Directions utility specific to each point of interest, a handy tool if your want to be guided to the right place by voice assistance.

Enjoy your experience!



This self-guided tour offered on BaladoDiscovery is entirely the work of volunteers committed to the protection and showcasing of Potton's heritage.

It bears witness to the work and commitment of all the members of the Potton Heritage Association who have produced, over the last 30 years, much of the historical content used in the production of this podcast.


Potton Heritage Fondation


Pierre L’Heureux


Pierre L’Heureux


Lorraine Rouillard, Thierry Roger, François Fillion Hébert, Sandra Jewett, Taissa Hrycay


Marika Lhoumeau, François Grisé, Taissa Hrycay


Drawned mostly from the written material published by the Potton Heritage Association: 

Brochures and leaflets (1990-2016) 


Histoire Potton History, vol.1-15 (2013-2021)


Place Names of Potton



Potton Heritage Association archives  (with exceptions)

Consult the Points of Interest on the Interactive Map 

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Potton Historical Tour