Thousand Islands International Bridge

The road of the five bridges

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Inaugurated in 1938 by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Thousand Islands International Bridge is a symbol of the entente and alliance between the United States and Canada. It provides easy passage between the two countries, linking two major highways (Highway 81 to New York and Highway 401 to Ontario).

At 13 km long, it comprises 5 successive bridges crossing a series of islands, including Canadian Hill Island and American Wellesley Island.

Are your passport and visa up to date? This is your chance to cross the bridge and visit other typical villages on the other side of the border, such as Alexandra Bay, Clayton or Cape Vincent. The other scenic route, the Seaway Trail on Route 12, offers a completely different perspective. 

And don't miss the 130-metre-high observation tower on Hill Island, also on the Canada side, which offers an exceptional view of the archipelago! There are also plenty of options for exploring the island by car, bike or on foot. Take a stroll, stop for a picnic or follow the hiking trails in the Thousand Islands National Park.

The smallest cross-border bridge

Until 2008, the smallest cross-border bridge in the world was located between two islands belonging to the same region. Measuring less than 10 meters, you can see this small bridge aboard the cruise offered from Gananoque.

The record for the shortest cross-border pedestrian bridge in the world is nowadays between Spain and Portugal. This one is less than 4 meters long.

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