Lake Memphremagog

Admire the beauty!

Sources: Jean-Philippe Boulet

The Lady of the Lake - 1867-1917

This steamboat had a brilliant career on Lake Memphremagog

Source: Potton Heritage Association

Memphre the Monster

This monstrous, horn-spiked sea serpent has haunted the depths of the lake for centuries. 

Source: Le Reflet du Lac

Lake Memphremagog

See before you Lake Memphremagog, the jewel of the Eastern Townships! This impressive, 44-km long lake spans the Canada/U.S. border, stretching from Magog, Quebec to Newport, Vermont.

Prized by tourists and seasonal dwellers since the mid-19th century, Lake Memphremagog continues to be a major attraction for its spectacular scenery as well as for fishing and water sports. Just as importantly, the lake is a source of drinking water for more than 175,000 people. Now at risk, it must be protected at all costs!

In the Industrial Age, the transportation of goods across the lake was commonplace. One of the first steamboats to ply Lake Memphremagog, the Lady of the Lake, accommodated 1,200 passengers and offered popular cruises between Magog and Newport for over 50 years, until its retirement in 1917. Nowadays, the Grand Cru continues the tradition by offering delightful cruises from the MacPherson wharf in Magog.

Have you seen Memphre, the monster? They say that a terrifying creature has been haunting the waters of Lake Memphremagog for centuries. Even the Abenaki, who inhabited the area, refused to go in the lake for fear of being devoured. Stay alert!

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Circuit de l'Abbaye - Eastern Townships

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