Majestic Jay Peak

An Imposing Peak on the American Border

Sources: Source: Jay Peak

Skiing Jay Peak, circa 1957

The pleasure of meeting with friends for a day of skiing!

Source: Jay Peak

Gondola Ride Over the Valley

Enjoy the majestic scenery year-round!

Source: Jay Peak

Majestic Jay Peak

Have you noticed, since the beginning of your journey, that our mountain peaks are rounded, unlike those of the Alps, for example? This was caused by the erosion left behind by the receding glaciers, some ten thousand years ago.

Imposing Jay Peak, that you see beyond the American border, provides a good example. It is one of the highest summits in New England. 

Jay Peak was named in memory of John Jay, an American politician, revolutionary, diplomat and jurist. The region’s settlement began with logging in 1810, but by 1880, there were nearly 700 souls. Then, at the beginning of the 1950s, the first ski slopes were inaugurated on the mountain. 

At 1,176-metres high (300 metres more that Mt. Orford), Jay Peak is renowned for its 156-hectare ski area and features 81 trails. It receives more snow than any other ski hill in eastern North America, with an average annual snowfall of 9 meters! While located in Vermont, Jay Peak beautifully complements the Eastern Townships’ snow sports offer and is a prized destination for Quebec skiers. 

Jay isn’t limited to snow sports, however: it also offers hiking trails, climbing, gondola rides and even water slides, for a full, year-round experience!

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