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Old Quebec Fortifications Tour - Virtual guide
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Meet with history in the only fortified city of North America! The suggested route, showcasing exclusive photos, texts, and videos, offers detailed information concerning the many sites and vestiges that you will encounter in the context of this must-see tour of the history of Quebec. 


Live this free unique thematic experience in the historical heart of Quebec. The interactive map offered on BaladoDiscovery presents a suggested route and information on request for each point of interest.


Discover the military and strategic role of Quebec City during the last centuries. An important archeological site is part of the tour. You will see artefacts from the beginning of the colonization of New France, like objects that refer directly to Samuel de Champlain, founder of Quebec.

Use headphones to optimize the quality of your on-site experience.


We suggest you the BaladoDiscovery App for an optimal experience. You can preload the tour in your device (Preload option on the App). You will then be able to access all of the contents on the field with no Internet connection.


The suggested route is partially accessible in winter, a part surrounding the citadel not being cleared of snow. Be careful! Otherwise, this route is easily accessible the rest of the year.



Production: Focus.Films, with the collaboration of Parcs Canada and of the Royal 22e Régiment of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Production team: Mathieu Paradis, Marc-Olivier Lavertu, Sébastien Charette, Marie-Ève Jean, Annie Côté.

Producer: Gérald Gilbert

Whit: Pierre Cloutier, archaeologist; Jacques Guimont, archaeologist; Marc-Antoine Giroux, guide; Gratien Gaudreault, warrant officer; Guillaume Boucher-Raymond, soldier; Nicole O'Bomsawin, historian and Amerindian descendant. 

Archives: Parks Canada, Bureau des archives nationales du Québec (fond Omer Parent, Fond Pierre Savard, Maurice Proulx, fond Service de Ciné-Photographie et fond Gérard Arrou). Other photos: Gilbert Bochenek, Sébastien Beaujard and Pierre-Olivier Fortin.

Special thanks to Odette Allaire of Parks Canada.

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Old Quebec Fortifications Tour - Virtual guide