Pierre-Dugua De Mons Terrace

Pierre Dugua de Mons, co-founder

Pierre-Dugua de Mons Monument

Pierre Dugua de Mons made Champlain his lieutenant and gave him workforce, ships and all the required equipment and money in order to found Quebec City. On a 1613 map of Quebec, Samuel de Champlain gave the name of Mont du Gas to honor Pierre Dugua de Mons, Vice-Admiral and Lieutenant-General of Henri IV for Acadia and New France.

Pierre Dugua de Mons was from an old noble family from Saintonge, in France. His birth date remains unknown, but it probably was between 1540 and 1563. During his childhood, he was strongly influenced by religious wars and he would later join those alongside the future Catholic King Henri IV of France. Even if he agreed with the Reformed Church ideas, Dugua de Mons married a Catholic woman, Judith Chesnel, who was from a noble family.

First expeditions in America

In 1599, Pierre Dugua de Mons sold almost all of his lands in France to his neighbour. He invested all that he had in commercial companies that actually were New France colonization companies.

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