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Walk Through Time in Sherbrooke - Downtown Virtual Guide
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This tour will make you virtually travel through time with the buildings, murals, monuments and remnants that you will see on the way. 


The interactive map offered in BaladoDiscovery presents photos and captivating videos on request according to each point of interest.


Live an authentic experience beyond anecdotes. This GPS-guided tour shows you your location in real time on the map among the points of interest to discover. Access the essentials, as well as the related historical audio content!

People of American Indian ancestry, historians and witnesses of the past will be your guides. Amazing photos, interviews and archive films are gathered in one tour. Experience this tour by going to these major and mythical places in Sherbrooke.


Using the BaladoDiscovery mobile app is suggested (rather than the website). This will allow you to have an optimized experience. Wearing headphones is also suggested.

The independent visit is also accessible offline (without Internet in the field) with the Preload option of the App.


Behind the Tourist Information Office, 785, King Ouest.

Restaurants and stores are part of this tour. The suggested path includes the ascension of the King hill on the way back... Wearing comfortable shoes is recommended.



Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke; Bertrand Morin, archaeologist (Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke); La Tribune; frescos created by the organism MURIRS; Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke; Tourisme Sherbrooke; Centre-ville Sherbrooke.

Focus.Films, in collaboration with Centre-ville Sherbrooke, L'Aire de Jeu and Tourisme Sherbrooke. 

Editing services company: Cinax inc.; direction: Gérald Gilbert; research assistant, writers and recreational contents revisers: Marc-Olivier Lavertu, Marie-Ève Jean, Mathieu Paradis, Sébastien Charette, Sophie Cadorette, Marie-Josée Demers. Special collaboration; pro bono: Sébastien Guimier and Yassaman Jahanbakhsh (lawyers); production accountant: Suzanne Couture; music: under licence of FCP Studio-2 (Sound Track Pro); guests: Antonio Pinard; Jean-Pierre Kesteman, historian; Monique Nadeau-Saumier, historian; Antoine Sirois, historian; Nicole O'bomsawin, historian; Patrick Côté, historian; Jacques Foisy; Louis O'Neil; Bertrand Lacasse; Henry Forgues-Lapointe; Serge Malenfant and Geneviève Reesör; Robert De Courcel; Louis O'Neil; Louis Bilodeau; Mgr Jean-Marie Fortier; Gilles Dallaire; Michel Deguire; Jean Perrault. Archives: Centre de recherche des Cantons-de-l'Est (Plymouth United Church funds: UC001/0019 / ETRC P998/090/063/001); Réseau TVA, in collaboration with M. Fernand Bissonnette and CHLT-TV; Monique Nadeau-Saumier; Antonio Pinard funds; Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (Henry Michaud funds, Herménégilde Lavoie, Les cinéastes associés inc. funds, Ville de Sherbrooke; Arthur Lamothe; Paul Vézina; Henri Michaud; Jean Arsin funds; Gérard Arrou funds); Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec - Centre d'archives de l'Estrie (p14, s71, p112 / p14, s71, p111 / p14, s71, p63 / p14,s71, p52, p14, s71, p78) / Centre de recherche des Cantons-de-l'Est (Collection de cartes postales du CRCE : P999/053/016/003; Collection de documents iconographiques du CRCE : P998/090/005/001; ETRC UC001/0019 Fonds Plymouth United Church); La Tribune.

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Walk Through Time in Sherbrooke - Downtown Virtual Guide