Château Laurier

Built in 1912

The Château Laurier has been an important hotel in Ottawa ever since it was built in 1912.

Charles Melville Hays

The building was originally financed by one of Charles Melville Hays' societies. He was president of the Grand Trunk Railway.

Château Laurier

While he was coming back to Canada for the hotel opening, scheduled for April 26th 1912, Hays died in the sinking of the Titanic on April 14th 1912.

The ghost of Charles Melville Hays

It seems that the Château Laurier has been haunted by this man ever since.

Several people have seen

Several people said that they have seen Charles Melville Hays' ghost and have witnessed paranormal activities like strange noises, unexplained shivers or the feeling of being watched.

Château Laurier

The Château Laurier is now regarded as one of the six most haunted places in Ottawa.

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